About Our Credit Union


Internal Revenue Employees Federal Credit Union (IREFCU) was chartered on February 17, 1940 with nine members and total assets of $65. Today there are 1283 members and total assets of $25 million and growing! In order to become a member of IREFCU, you must be currently employed by the IRS with a post duty inNorth or South Carolina. Additionally, the spouse, parent, child or grandchild of an existing member may join the IREFCU. IRS Retirees who were employed with a post duty in NC or SC; or have retired in NC or SC are also able to join!

What Is A Credit Union?

Credit Unions are member-owned cooperative, not for profit organizations for Select Employment Groups (SEG), employees of the SEG are allowed to join along with immediate family members (according to the credit union’s bylaws). Credit Unions have a volunteer Board of Directors, from among the membership peers, to oversee the management of the credit union in all decision making from policy to procedure. Each credit union holds an annual meeting each year to discuss the growth of the credit union, hold elections of the board, etc. Credit Union elections are based on a one-member, one-vote structure. This structure is unlike tlie for-profit, public companies where stockholders vote according to the number of shares of stock they own. Besides the member-ownership advantage, the not-for-profit status of credit unions enables them to operate at a lower cost than many for-profit institutions, which helps them to offer competitive loan and savings interest rates for you, the member.

Credit Unions are federally insured up to $250,000 for each owner by the National Credit Union Association, an agency of the U.S. Government.

Always A Member

A minirnal deposit of $5 to open an account is required. Once you join, you may keep you membership for life. “Once a member, always a member”

Our Service

IREFCU has a wide range of financial services – all to help you meet your financial needs
* Savings
* IRA-Traditional,Roth&Educational
* New & UsedAuto loans
* Signature Loans
* Instant Loans
* Share Secured Loans
* First Mortgage Loans (10-15 year)
* Mortgage partnerships (30 year)
* Second Mortgage Loans (10-year)
* VISA Credit Cards
* Gift Cards
* Pre-loadable VISA
* IREFCU offers online banking, audio response as well as Estatements


Loan requests are handled simply by contacting the credit union to apply. We can usually have an answer to you within a couple of hours. Requesting withdrawals, transfer, loan payments, etc can be processed through our online banking or contacting the credit union.

Save Money, Make Loan Payments – Made Easy with Payroll Deduction

If you don’t join the credit union for any other reason, you should at least consider a payroll deduction savings plan – it is the easiest way to save money. Payroll deduction also makes loan repayment simple and alrnost painless. Just one deduction from your paycheck can fund multiple savings account and loan payments.